Roulette Tips

Play Roulette at Sloto CashThe roulette wheel is a typical casino staple. While not all casinos have it, it is safe to agree
that those that don’t can hardly be called full-fledged casinos: they’re gambling halls at best.

The small wheel is something of a luxury for casino owners to offer, but it’s a status symbol as well: it reflects the overall scale of the operation casting a positive light on the business as a whole. Why is it a sort of a luxury to feature a roulette wheel though? Simple: it takes up a lot of space and personnel to operate. Think of it in comparison with slots: exactly how many slot machines do you think a casino could cram into the space that a proper roulette table takes up? Quite a few indeed.

Now consider the number of casino employees needed to operate the roulette wheel and the slots. That’s right: it’s no contest profitability-wise. It is also true though that the roulette turns around a lot more money than an individual slot machine and when it comes to finances, that’s pretty much all that matters for the casino: it has the house edge and the house drop working for it, all it needs to do is to make sure that the money keeps flowing through the machine.

While games like video poker and slots feature almost countless variants (especially online) there are relatively few roulette variants. There’s the European version and the American one and that’s about it. Given the fact that the American wheels have an extra green slot (a 00 one) added, deciding which variant to play isn’t exactly rocket science either.

The main lure of the roulette wheel is the high number of different bet options it offers.
Each and every one of these bets is interesting enough for players to keep wagering on them. Some of these bets feature slightly higher house edges than others though, so as far as roulette strategy goes, one should look into these numbers and wager on the lowest house-edge options only.

Don’t believe anything anyone tells you about fail-safe roulette systems which guarantee player profits: there aren’t such systems out there, and as long as the wheel remains mechanically sound, and the croupier does not collude with the players somehow, there will never be: it’s all based on mathematics, and the mathematics are skewed in the casino’s favor: there’s nothing one can about that.

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